Dalhousie Yacht Club Membership Application

Dear Future DYC Member

Please take a moment to complete the following application so that we might better understand what your interests are in joining our boating and social club.

Dalhousie Yacht Club is committed to making its facility available to everyone.  Should you have accessibility requirements, please contact us and we will accommodate your needs.


Dalhousie Yacht Club (DYC) 
(905) 934-8325 ex21

Our club is family oriented and there for our memberships include your partner (spouse). Please provide their name and contact information if applicable.


Memberships types include:

  • Social members enjoy unlimited use of the Restaurant and Lounge; may bring guests to the club for socializing, and to enjoy lunch or dinner. Social members are welcome to attend all of the many entertainment events at the club. You may take part in boating events such as Sailpast as guests on a Member’s boat or join the afternoon shore party outside at the club. Racing Skippers may invite you to crew on the club races. You may utilize all areas of the club including public areas and use the picnic area barbecues and tables.

  • Associate Boating members enjoy all of the benefits described above. Your boats are docked away from DYC and you are allowed to visit yacht clubs around the lake with DYC reciprocal privileges. You may also visit other clubs by land. You are welcome to join DYC cruises to other destinations and are welcome to participate in DYC Racing events. You receive a discount on fuel at DYC.

  • Full Boating members enjoy all privileges of membership. Your slip is assigned to you for the boating season. 

New beginning September 2021, an initiation fee of $1,000 is required for new Full Boating members.

We are a working club and each of our members volunteers their time and skills to keep our operations running smoothly. Let us know now what skills you bring with you.

If you selected other please list them in the "Tell us why" section above.

Refer to the Constitution, By-laws, Rules and Regulations 

Your application has been successfully submitted and our membership director will be in contact with you in the next day or two.

Required fields are marked in RED. Please review your application for completeness.

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