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Haul Out Help - 2023

Please come out and help us with haul out this year. Press the register button to let us know that you're able to help and which roles you are willing to do.

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Haul Out Help - 2023
Haul Out Help - 2023

Time & Location

Oct 21, 2023, 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

St. Catharines, 74 Lighthouse Rd, St. Catharines, ON L2N 7P5, Canada




Haul Out Officer: Has master list of boats, lift order, and volunteer assignments.  Relays order of lift progression to Dock Marshall.  Stationed in the general  travel liftarea.

Haul Out Safety: Has master list of boats, lift order, and volunteer assignments.  Oversees safe practices and movement of volunteers in the lifting area. Stationed in the general travel lift area.

Dock Marshall: Has master list of boats and lift order.  Ensures that boats are moving from their docks at appropriate intervals.  Stationed by A dock gate.

Support Boat Operator: Operates the support boat to transport volunteers across to pick up their boat.  Acts as a support person to temporarily relieve the Haul out Lead, Safety, or Dock Marshall as required.

Equipment required for above positions:  PFD, Hard Hat, clipboard, pen/pencil, portable VHF radio

Lift Well Crew:

  • Boat Lift Lead: Directs the boat placement and lifting operation at the lift well.
  • Travel Lift Operator: Operate the travel lift under the direction of the Lift and Positioning Leads with the support of the Lift Signaller.
  • Travel Lift Signaller: maintain viewpoint and communication with travel lift operator to facilitate accurate and safe movement of the travel lift.
  • Dock Line Hands, 4 positions: Holds boat in place through sling set-up in the travel lift well.
  • Boat Owner: Brings boat to dock, tosses bow and stern lines to Dock Line Hands, identifies sling position labels to Lift Well Crew.

Equipment required for the above  positions:  PFD, Work gloves, hard hat

Landing Crew:

  • Positioning Lead: Directs the travel of the boat onto the appropriate cradle/position in conjunction with the Travel Lift Signaller .  Confers with owner on boat placement within the cradle, directs boat to resting position
  • Tractor Operator: Operation of the tractor in the perform various tasks including the transportation of  cradles in the storage yard.
  • Landing positioner, 6 positions: Assists with minor adjustments to cradle position, keeps pads in proper orientation to receive boat, may direct keel to proper landing position.
  • Boat Owner: Observes, may assist in guiding to proper landing position, defers to the Positioning Lead.

Equipment required for the above positions:  Work gloves, hard hat

Power Washing, 8 positions: Working in teams of 2, the power washers will be operated by pairs for efficiency and regular rest periods.  The teams will wash down bottoms in the order the boats come out,  keeping 2 boats behind the lift cycle so as to not be spraying water in the vicinity of the landing crew.

Equipment required for the above position:  Work gloves, hard hat, Safty glasses optional: foul weather gear.

Please sign up yourself and each person that will be present from your boat/crew for 2 or more of the above positions.  We will take into consideration your preferences when assigning positions, but must take into account the requirements of the operation.  For a successful lift we must all work together.

Haul out is an all day event.  It is expected that members be present for the entire day, from first lift at 7:00 am to last lift, which could be as late as 6:30pm, and the post lift cleanup.  Keep in mind the hours of organization that your fellow members have put in, to plan and prepare the yards, all to ensure a smooth and safe operation for everyone.  Please give them the courtesy of your support, with full day participation and adherence to safety recommendations.

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